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Comfortable enough to wear all day with a lengthy seven day battery life, the blue Garmin Vivosmart HR displays all the information you need to know about your sleep, heart rate and activity levels. Activity tracker Whether you want to track steps, reach a certain distance or keep on top of calories, the Vivosmart HR is a great solution. The lightweight band keeps track of everything from number of floors climbed to hours of sleep, so that you have a complete picture of your activity and rest periods. Monitor your aerobic progress with the intensity minutes and heart rate readings so that you can measure your progress against recommendations, ensuring that you push yourself in each workout. Smart notifications The Vivosmart HR band can automatically sync with a compatible phone or tablet to keep you informed of your activity, as well as to send notifications about emails, texts, calls and social media. With a touchscreen display that is readable even in sunlight, the Vivosmart HR can even control music on your phone, making it a great companion for workouts. Personalised goals The personalised daily step goal gives you a target to work towards, with adjusted goals to keep challenging you. For additional personalisation, you can manually set a goal for floors climbed and minutes of intensity. If you ever need a slight nudge to stay active throughout the day, the move bar sounds an alert after an hour of inactivity. Simply walk around for a few minutes to reset the timer, and get in a few extra steps each time. Garmin connect online Track your progress over time, connect with friends and compete in online challenges with the Garmin Connect Mobile App or Garmin Connect online. For a complete look at your health, you can link your Garmin Connect account with MyFitnessPal, to keep track of calories consumed and calories burned. Get accurate information without the need for an additional heart rate monitor with the Garmin Vivosmart HR.





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